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9/9/2006 at 3 pm

Paul Lansky + So Percussion + Luke DuBois + Joan La Barbara + Daedelus + Jerseyband

and Carl Stone's Acid Bop

Sound Art at Washington Square Park brings together a gathering of preeminent contemporary composers, presenting an unusual yet complimentary cross-section of music today.

�The players in So Percussion ... were energetic and thorough in mining�works for their visceral and structural thrills �brilliant�.consistently impressive.�
-The New York Times

Carl Stone // is one of the pioneers of live computer music, and has been hailed by the Village Voice as �the king of sampling� and "one of the best composers living in (the USA) today." He has used computers in live performance since 1986. // Daedelus // presents a live electronic set. Experimental electronic composer based out of Los Angeles. Impeccable collage work with eclectic sound sources; recent albums include Exquisite Corpse and Denies the Day�s Demise (Mush/Ninja Tune) // Jerseyband // Experimental rock ensemble that fuses heavy-metal sounds with jazz instrumentation: �a melange of de-tuned electric guitars, crashing drums, and a seemingly traditional jazz-ensemble front-line�totally rad, and totally loud.� (The Metroland Weekly). Plays solo set and first collaborative set with So Percussion. // Joan La Barbara // is a composer, performer, sound artist, and pioneer of a broad vocabulary of extended vocal techniques, praised as �one of the great vocal virtuosas of our time.� (San Francisco Examiner) La Barbara will perform �Urban Tropics Revisted,� a surround piece for voice and electronics. // Luke DuBois // presents selections from Timelapse (Cantaloupe) and a live electronic set. A composer, programmer, and video artist, he is the co-author of Jitter, a software suite developed by Cycling �74, and teaches interactive music and video performance at Columbia�s Computer Music Center and NYU. // Paul Lansky // presents �Ride,� an 8-channel piece using traffic sounds for source material. Paul Lansky is professor of music composition at Princeton; albums include Alphabet Book and More than Idle Chatter (Bridge). // So Percussion // plays new works from the group�s upcoming album Amid the Noise (Cantaloupe), featuring original compositions by ensemble member Jason Treuting and Paul Lansky's "Threads.�

Southeast Plaza, Washington Square Park
Rain Location: Gallery of the Carlos Center, 53 Washington Square South
sponsored by the Washington Square Park Council
curated by Jen Stock of Soundbook One
media sponsor: Other Music


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