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ROULETTE presents
at Location One 20 Greene St (between Canal and Grand St)
8:30 PM Admission $15 Students $10 MEMBERS FREE
TICKETS/RSVP: 212.219.8242
Roulette 228 West Broadway New York, NY 10013
contact: press@roulette.org http://www.roulette.org/

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Monday, March 13th
Billy Bang (violinist, composer and improviser) has been one of the most prolific and original members of the progressive scene since the 1970s. Having performed with everyone from Sun Ra to Kahil El'Zabar to Don Cherry, Bang�s Roulette performance will showcase the unique improvisational style and unmistakable trademark sound for which he is known.

Anne La Berge (flute and electronics) & Marko Ciciliani (no-input mixer) get the room rumbling and then go from there. Serving up a wall-to-wall mosaic of hum and buzz, patterned noise, powerfully percussive flute techniques, warm distortion and dancing feedback, this duo always finds a way to extract demonically clever melodies and glistening harmonies out of the fray. Check out: www.annelaberge.com & www.ciciliani.com.

Tuesday, March 14th
Todd Nicholson (bassist and composer) has performed internationally with fellow improvising giants like Billy Bang, Butch Morris and Frank Lowe. Tonight, he presents the premier of his new extended work, �Angel Island, � which deals with the complex history of the beautiful Californian island that once served as a prison for immigrants. Todd is joined by Gamiel Lyons (flute,) Reut Regev (trombone & flugelhorn,) Andrew Bemkey (piano) & Darrell Greene (drums.) Commissioned by Roulette with support from the Jerome Foundation.

BETH GRIFFITH (performing Feldman & Ashley)
Wednesday, March 15th
Beth Griffith, the stunning, spectacular and tireless contemporary music soprano presents a program that pays tribute to the late, great Morton Feldman. Griffith has collaborated with composers such as Cage, Feldman, Kagel and Stockhausen. Her recording of Feldman's Three Voices won the German Record Critics Prize. Tonight she and dancer/choreographer Peter Schmitz and present a collaborative realization of Three Voices, and composers/performers Bill Hellerman and Rob Voisey perform Morton Feldman Says, by Robert Ashley.

Thursday, March 16th
Composer/pianist Michael Harrison appears, with his special �harmonic piano,� an extensively modified grand piano with the ability to alternate between two different tunings and to play twice as many notes as the conventional keyboard. Tonight, he and the device present the complete 90-minute version of REVELATION, his epic work inspired by his knowledge of ancient principles of harmonic resonance, his years preparing pianos for La Monte Young, and a lifelong study of Western, North Indian and Middle Eastern classical music.

Friday, March 17th
Ellery Eskelin (composer, tenor saxophone) with Andrea Parkins (accordion, piano & sampler) & Jim Black (drums & percussion) After twelve years of obsessing over the composition/improvisation paradigm, Eskelin begins yet another chapter in the band's development with a group of pieces opening new interactive pathways between the musicians and furthering a substantial body of music that has been described as "enjoyably organized madness, which needs to be heard to be believed" (Signal to Noise magazine.)

Saturday, March 18th
Composer/filmmaker/photographer Phill Niblock makes thick, loud drones of microtonal music, which generate many other tones in the performance space. Simultaneously, he presents his films/videos of people working, or of abstract computer driven images. His materials intersect in unintentional, yet uncanny combinations guaranteed to mess with your head. His work has been shown at venues around the world, including the MOMA, the Kitchen, the Institute of Contemporary Art (London) and the Akademie der Kunste (Berlin.)

Sunday, March 19th
Nicolas Collins (trombone-propelled electronics) & Peter Cusack (guitar, bouzouki and live electronics) present �Music on the Original Instruments,� a happy mashup of buzzing strings and blipping electronics, featuring a bionic bouzouki, bizarrely extended acoustic guitar and rev. 3.1 of trombone-propelled signal processing with a special guest appearance by Jonathan Chen on Stroh violin.

Earl Howard has been active since the 1970s, has expanding the boundaries of the saxophone, experimenting with electronics, and mixing up composition, improvisation and chance in various proportions. For tonight�s show he will perform three solos, all world premiers for Roulette, one on alto sax, another on saxello and finally one on synthesizer. Howard describes the solos as �loud, soft, rhythmic, nonrhythmic, clever, witty, serious, and anything else you could reasonably add to the list.�

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