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This week, we at Pulse -- a NY composers' federation devoted to eclecticism and musical collisions and all that good stuff -- presents the second installment of The Eloquent Light, our ongoing series of music inspired by photography.

Two chances to see:

PROFANE: Thursday June 8, 8:00 PM at Galapagos (70 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg, BKLN). $10.

SACRED: Sunday, June 11, 7:30 PM at St. Peter's Church (619 Lexington Avenue @ 54th Street). $15. [Everything's more expensive in Manhattan... ]

The performances will be accompanied by projections of photos by the likes of Jeff Wall, Joyce Tennyson, and wire service photogs. There will also be pretty pictures of dolphins and babies.

The Eloquent Light features soloists John McNeil (trumpet) and Pete McCann (guitar) scrapping it out bare-knuckle style against a 10-piece chamber ensemble:

Dan Willis reeds
Marc Phaneuf reeds
Lis Rubard horn
Mike Christianson tuba
Tom Beckham vibraphone/percussion
Gary Versace keyboard
Ana Milosavljevic violin
Kiku Enomoto violin
Frank Foerster viola
Theo Zimmermann cello

Performing new and pleasantly diverting music written by:

More info -- including audio clips from last year's Eloquent Light gig -- is available over at the Pulse blog.


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