Baby Steps

2008 brought something new to Mississippi Public Broadcasting: HDRadio.

I had no idea HDRadio existed. I know more about it now, but I have yet to see an HDRadio on sale in any store.

The new year brought a change in their normal format. More talk shows, news programming, and less music. With an addition of an HD channel they have created a new station of just music programming.

And get this…..they have a show titled Modern Classical airing on Saturdays which I have managed to listen online a couple times. There is a new classical music director and she really seems to be attempting to change the Muzak feel of MPB.

I did start laughing when I listened to the first show and she said, “Every episode of Modern Classical will feature at least one work of a living composer!” That episode started off with Satie’s Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear and I thought “Oh, this is going to be the greatest classical hits of the early 20th century.”

The second episode did surprise me when it included Zippo Songs by Phil Kline. It is a very interesting piece and I was amazed to here it coming from MPB radio.

Here is a list of works I have heard so far on Modern Classical:

MilhaudLa Creation du Monde
RodrigoFive Childrens Pieces
Phil KlineZippo Songs
BartokViolin Rhapsody No. 1
Eric SatieThree Pieces in the Shape of a Pear
Morton FeldmanRothko Chapel mvts 4 & 5
ProkofievClassical Symphony
WebernSix Pieces for Orchestra op. 6
Bret Dietz – I think it was a piece for two marimbas…sorry.

I haven’t heard any Xenakis yet. Perhaps it’s coming?
Slowly acclimating the listeners to the new stuff I guess.

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