Mississippi Burning.

Yesterday, Jerry has announced the coming of Autumn in NYC, but down here in Mississippi we are still hovering around 100 degrees.

(We don’t really have Autumn down here, but we do have a few different seasons: shrimp season, crab season, crawfish season, hurricane season and Mardi Gras season.)

Ok, sorry about the non sequitur.

To get away from the heat I have been staying indoors and visiting different new music websites. I have found a few cool sites that allow you to listen to a wide variety of new music.

Here is a list of my favorites:

New Music Jukebox.

This one is one of my favorites. I can poke around and listen to cool American music all day on this site.

The Jerusalem Music Centre.

I was introduced to this site by a friend. You can access any of the performances from their 2001 season up to their current season. Just click on the live music button on the site. The music ranges from Bach and Brahms to new music concerts of Ligeti and Rihm.

American Mavericks.

This is probably my favorite site. Not only does it include the SF Symphony w/ Michael Tilson Thomas conducting American masterpieces by maverick composers, it also includes an enormous list of interviews with composers (which is what makes this site one of my favorite sites). American Mavericks is also a thirteen part radio show on American music hosted by the wonderful Suzanne Vega; each of the shows can be accessed as well.


Art of the States.

Another goodie. This site is an archive of performances of new American music. It has a wide variety of composers, from Adams to Zorn.

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