I have always thought that opera storylines are a bit over dramatic, but I think the format requires it. Recently I saw an article on Andante about a new Tonya Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan opera?

I think it is a little absurd for an opera, but who am I to judge. There has been a Jerry Springer opera, so why not. In fact, I am working on an opera storyline that is terribly over dramatic. It is an 11-century crusade tale about a nun that runs away with her Turkish lover once she reaches the Holy Land.

Anyway, here are a few other possible story lines for operas that are more along the same lines of Harding/Kerrigan.
(This list is completely stolen from my buddy, Marc.)

1.) The Rodney King incident (featuring the powerful aria, “Put that camera down and help me, motherf****r!”)

2.) The capturing of Saddam Hussein
(featuring the rousing chorus, “We Got ‘im!”)

3.) The Chernobyl incident
(featuring yet another powerful aria, “Whoops“)

.) The story of John Bobbitt (featuring a lovely aria for counter-tenor, “
My Love Flew Out the Window

5.) The Mary Kay Latorneau(sp?) story (featuring the chorus, “
Don’t Tell Mama

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