…So that happened.

I have decided to join the band wagon and make a post for the new year and recapping last year.

First congratulations to Jerry on the first anniversary of the new Sequenza21 New Music community. (and a little thing called the Deems Taylor award.)

2005 was a good year. I joined S21 in March after being a frequent visitor for a couple years.

In May my wife and I moved from Illinois back to Mississippi. (From the Land of noodles and potatoes to the Land of Gumbo and Crawfish….mmmmmm.)

There were a couple fine performances of my wind sextet and my Figment No. 2 for Violin.

Then the worst natural disaster that has ever hit the US came ashore basically down the road from me, it wasn’t that bad of a year.

At least one of the worst things ever to happen to me was follow up by one of the greatest. My son, Asa was born on October 28. Since that day I have wondered why the hell I did not compose more music before Asa was born because I obviously had much more free time.

December brought a fine performance of my Figment No. 1 for Alto Saxophone. Which should be posted on the Listening room shortly.

2006 already promises to be a good year. Premieres scheduled for February and two in May.

And I have already deemed my apartment a Mozart-Free Zone because of the overkill that will be the 250th anniversary of his birth.

So Happy New Year to the S21 family.

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