An Unintended Series – Report #1 from Integrales 2006

Two or three years ago, I composed a work for solo alto saxophone titled, Figment. Later the same year, I composed a work for solo violin which I named Figment No. 2. I bet this wasn’t the first time the lack of imagination for a title has been the impetus for a composer beginning a series of works.

Last summer, I was asked by Al Theisen to compose a short work for solo flute for his then fiancee, Misty Rondeau (now Theisen), to mark the occasion of her 24th birthday.

First, I was excited about this idea because Misty is a wonderful flutist. I have heard perform many times and enjoyed it immensely.
Secondly, her name was much cooler before she married that Theisen guy.

So before I knew it I was composing the third work in an unintended series of short solo instrumental works. I began listening to the only recordings I owned of solo flute works: two recordings of Carter’s Scrivo in vento (one dreadful & one wonderful recording) and a CD of Takemitsu flute works.

Al’s request for a work was only a third of Misty’s gift. He composed a work as did our friend, Marc Ballard (whose irate comments are seen occasionally around S21). These works were not composed as a triptych but seemed to form a nice suite together. Misty performed each of these works beautifully this weekend at the Integrales 2006 New Music Festival.

So that’s the story of my Figment No. 3 “Euterpe” which was performed this weekend at the festival. I’ll have a couple more posts in a day or two about the festival.

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