collaborative effort

I apologize for my unintended hiatus from S21. But I have had an extremely hot and busy summer here in Hattiesburg. Like Jerry, I also suffer from asthma and this conflagration known as summer is not so fun for us.

Anyway, a couple months ago I participated in the Integrales New Music Festival here in town. I had two works performed this year and a previous post mentions my solo flute work which was performed. The second piece was an electronic work, In Pursuit of Mythical Beasts. The work was created as an electronic ballet which was choreographed by USM student, Nicole Marquez. I think the work was one of the best pieces at the festival this year (of course my opinion is completely without bias).

This piece was the first collaborative effort I have worked on. It was very exciting to work with someone that shared such an enthusiasm for their art. Also it was thrilling to have someone else understand my work upon the first listening of the piece. With each rehearsal we had leading up to the performance that understanding seemed to increase by leaps and bounds. The collaboration was a big success and the ballet was the most satisfying performance I think I have had of one of my works. The success of this work has definitely made me want to work on a collaboration again in the future.

An mp3 is now located in the Sequenza21 Listening Room for your listening enjoyment. Soon I will have a video of the performance on my myspace account.

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