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Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in a masterclass given by the Rome Prize winner, Ken Ueno. The masterclass was part of the two day Integrales New Music Festival at the University of Southern Mississippi. My flute work, Figment No. 3 “Euterpe”, was given a wonderful performance by the USM faculty member, Danilo Mezzadri.

Ueno had only encouraging words about my music. And later on. after his jet lag had waned and we feasted on good creole food/beer we hung out and talked music for much too long. I think he may have been surprised to find a group of die hard new music fans in south Mississippi, especially at a university where new music has been frowned on for much too long. That is starting to change though. I wouldhope so after hearing Ken Ueno perform a twenty minute piece for throat/overtone singer and MAX/MSP.

By the way, Ueno has the coolest bio pic.

Recent Play list:

Ken UenoKaze-no-Oka
Beat FurrerFama
Salvatore Sciarrino Piano Sonati #2-5
Philippe HurelPour Luigi
Iannis XenakisKuillenn
Helmut Lachenmann – String Quartet #2 “Riegen seliger Geister” (Thanks, Jacob!)
BjorkEarth Invaders (in eager anticipation of her Volta.)

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