There was previous discussion of the WHRB (the Harvard radio station) orgies which are underway at the moment, but some specific ones, not mentioned then, might be pointed out:

Friday, May 26 5:00-10:00pm The Harold Shapero Orgy. Including the recording by David Kopp and me of the Four Hand Sonata–Shapero doesn’t especially like it–too cautious (he’s probably right). He would have preferred to have the old Columbia recording from the 50’sby him and Leo Smit reissued. It would have been nice if this orgy had included that, along with, for instance, the old Juilliard recording of the String Quartet, or the Bernstein recording of the Symphony, but you can’t have everything.

Sunday, May 28 4:00-7:00pm The Rudoph Kolisch and Kolisch Quartet Orgy. The Guide doesn’t give full details or exactly what’s included.

Monday, May 29 1:00-10:30pm The Gerard Grisey and Tristan Murail Orgy

Wednesday, May 30 5:00am-midnight The Britten/Pears Orgy

In a dicussion about composers listed on the back of a Boosey and Hawkes score owned by David Salvage, I conjectured that Howard Ferguson’s music, which I’d never heard any of, was a little like Gerald Finzi’s. The Gerald Finzi and Howard Ferguson Orgy on June 1 from 8:00am til 10:00pm seems to indicate that I was probably right, but will give ample opportunity to find out.

Also there’s The Joaquin Rodrigo Orgy on May 25 from 4:00 to 10:00 pm.

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