Kurt Anderson, son of composer Leroy Anderson, called me the other day
to remind me that the 100th Anniversary Centennial Year of his
father’s birth (1908) will be in 2008. Kurt knows I have been a strong
advocate of his father’s ‘Concerto in C’ for Piano and Orchestra and
hopes I can help to present the concerto in the 2007-08, 2008-09
seasons to celebrate the Centennial of his father’s birth. One can see where his studies with Walter Piston come into play in this full-bodied and exciting piano concerto. In
addition, there plans to be a full score and set of parts for
the ‘Concerto in C’ available for purchase at a very low price, which
Kurt will keep me apprised. If the concerto can be programmed
for the celebratory seasons, please feel free to zip me an email at
sharpnat@aol.com…. Best regards, Jeffrey Biegel

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