There was a recent posting at orchestralist titled ‘food for thought’, and I chimed in with this vision I had from the early 1990s (which eventually became the first online cyber-recital in 1997) to help boost orchestra income: to have concert halls hooked up to the web and offer cybercast concerts online anywhere in the world for a nominal fee to ‘attend the virtual concert’. I envision this in this century to help save orchestras in their fears of a reduction in on-site attendance–with home theatres and ‘at home’ subscriptions, this has the potential to significantly boost income for orchestras (and any series for that matter). As technology advances, and the anti-piracy issues online become advanced in the coming years, one would hope that a home theatre and large screen tv can bring the concert experience directly to the home audience, reaching a far larger audience (even school music programs) to foster the next generation of concertgoers. In addition, one might eventually be able to download a specific selection from any given concert through itunes and pay a download fee as they do for recorded music today. Alas, much would need to be worked through legally, and I am sure that guest artists performing with orchestras or on recital/chamber series would want a piece of the action should their performance(s) be used outside of the concert hall. All things are possible–and it might be advantageous to the local service providers and computer gurus to bring the concert venues to the web. If you visit o-list, you’ll see a few replies to the idea. I hope to live long enough to see this become a reality.

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