I’m in Muncie, Indiana, with the wonderful Muncie Symphony Orchestra and conductor Kirk Trevor (with whom I’ve worked together in Knoxville). We agreed on ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ and Ellington’s ‘New World A-Comin’. I’ve only known the Maurice Peress orchestration, available through Schirmer, so when I met Kirk today to go over the score, he showed me another version–Jeff Tyzik’s arrangement–uh oh–now what! The music is different for each–and I really enjoyed browsing through the Tyzik arrangement (also through Schirmer). However, how does one perform either one? I had only one hour to make a single arrangement–and it worked–it is merged and it actually sounds quite nice. I was afraid we’d have to ditch the piece, but with tacets here and tacets there, and me adding the melody when the orchestra doesn’t have it–well, it worked somehow–and sounds beautiful. Wouldn’t it be kinda neat to be able to go online to a publisher or rental site and download and print out parts–especially in a situation like this??

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