In the return to Brooklyn College, I noticed a difference in my teaching–as did my pupils who responded positively to it. I remember how my teacher, Adele Marcus played during lessons and was able to say exactly what needed to be done–I always wondered if I would be able to do the same, as a servant of the music, a transmitter of the traditions to the next generation. I think it finally clicked, at the age of 47! I felt the ease and flow of playing and verbalization for my students–well, most of them, and it felt, well, great! Can I keep that up for the 14 week term? Will they ‘get it’? Will they improve? Do we, as teachers, always have that spark that flames the imagination of the student week after week? This being my tenth year at Brooklyn College, I have seen some amazing talents come into our midst, some achieving wonderful dreams now, and a new flock studying to make their dreams a reality. There is also a sense of nostalgia, as this will be our last year in the building before they start a new arts center in 2009-10–wow! Traditions are instilled in the cracks of the walls of the institution, but we will take those traditions into the next phase of this college as it develops. I wish everyone a splendid year of teaching, concerts, writing and everything that makes us musicians and stewards of beauty.

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